Improve Your Kitchen Net Worth; How Sous-Vide Will Make You A Better Cook

Improve Your <b>Kitchen Net Worth</b>; How Sous-Vide Will Make You A Better Cook

It sure is hard to believe anyone who says they have no interest in becoming a better cook. In fact, more and more younger people are interested in staying home to cook more often, rather than go out to eat all the time. Culinary skills are a tremendous thing to have in ones repertoire. Whether you’re eating a meal alone or with half a dozen friends, I say do the job right. Aim to reach the full potential of a meal. We should do our best to honor the farmers who raised the crops we eat. We should thank the ranchers who stayed up all night during calving season and fed cows through the frigid frozen cold of the cattle country. I say lets do so by putting together a plate of food cooked properly when we decide to dine at home.

With a sous-vide setup in your kitchen you will find that with little practice and minimal extra effort you can easily step your home-chef game up to the next level. Kitchen net worth is an original idea of skill level with regards to food preparation, pairing, and general kitchen skills. Try new things. Learn how flavors, aromas and textures enhance dining experiences. Sous-vide is a simple technology available to us all that can help the home chef climb the rungs of the ladder of kitchen proficiency.

Sous-vide made me a better cook and it will do that for you too

Using the sous-vide method of cooking you will become a better cook. It’s a sort of inevitability. You’ll be able to take an average cut of meat and turn it into an above average dish. You’ll learn about flavor profiles imparted through seasonings, marinades or rubs.

You are going to find yourself wanting to cook more often because you’ll know just how good it can turn out. Incorporating sous-vide into your kitchen will make you a better equipped culinary artist. In the end, more meals will close with smiles and “wows”. You’ll be requested to share recipes and bring food to events and get togethers so be prepared to deal with it! I used to be nervous if I had to cook for more than a couple of friends, but in the past years I’ve learned to look forward to it. I find myself volunteering to cook at gatherings of friends and hoping to have the opportunity to show off what I have learned how to do.

Sous-vide star

There are ways to become a better cook in both the closed and open perspective. In the closed perspective, lets think of it as beating your fastest mile on the running track. In the kitchen that might mean that every steak you cook is better than the last one you prepared. Using the sous-vide method, you can easily whip up a few steaks for a group of friends over for dinner and have them leave thinking “now I need to get one of those sous-vide things!” (remember how you were first introduced to sous-vide?). The steaks are going to be good, because thats what sous-vide does to steaks. They’ll be cooked exactly to the doneness we prefer, and you can finish them to perfection with a quick sear.

In the open perspective, becoming a better cook is more than just being able to cook a piece of meat to perfection. The rest of the meal should complement the main protein in taste, texture and visuals. From understanding what vegetables go with which meats regarding taste and texture, to which wines pair with which meats – it’s all part of becoming a better cook.

Side-vide it

Speaking of wonderful thing about sous-vide cooking- think about how while your main dish protein is in the water bath you’ll have time to focus completely on side dishes or desserts for the meal. The meat in the bath can stay in the bath for hours without any attention. Ever been cooking multiple components of a meal that all miraculously need to be dealt with at once? Sous-vide cooking allows for a freedom in the kitchen you might not have known previously.

You don’t have to rush those potatoes and leave them undercook one bit. No need to turn the heat up on the broccoli and bacon to finish it before the meat gets cold. It’s unnecessary to leave any bit of quality on the counter instead of bringing it to the table. Sous-vide has got your back. Take the time you need to prepare and cook the sides for the meal in order to get the full potential out of the meal.

Masters  in Meats

Sous-vide will help you understand flavors. When you cook sous-vide, your meat dish will be juicer, tender and perfectly cooked. It will have reduced off flavors from oxidation, and increased aromatics from the seasonings absorbed into the meat. You’ll understand what a properly cooked cut of meat tastes like. Seasonings will begin to make more sense at an individual level. What rosemary or thyme adds to a dish will make sense to you!

A simple salt and pepper rub before the sous-vide bath, followed by a post-bath paper towel pat down and sear is all a decent piece of meat needs. Practicing this you will learn the true flavors of beef, pork, lamb, venison.. etc. This will inspire you to learn which seasonings and added flavors take away or add from the experience of each meat. Overwhelming the taste buds with too many exotic seasonings and or over-salting meats is a hang up to avoid. If you’re in the 21 and up crowd, find out which wines complement the true flavors of your protein. For the whole crowd- experiment with side dishes. Which of their flavors and textures complements each protein?

The thickness of a cut will not lend mystery to how long you need to cook it for. You need only throw the meat in for about one hour per inch of meat up to two inches thick (beyond that thickness we start squaring inches into hours of cooking). Connective tissues break down into a gelatinous flavor ribbon over long cook times. Lean meats won’t dry out because the contained airless bag you cook in seals the juices in. You will understand how to cook different muscle types and for how long.

Try new things

Trying new cuts of meat can seem slightly formidable. It’s not always easy to step outside of your comfort zone. When it comes to food we often settle back on what we’re comfortable with. A great place to start when branching out in the meat department is with something like, for instance, lamb. A tasty red meat, lamb has a likeness to beef. It cooks very similarly but has a slightly higher amount of healthy fats and vitamins. Below is quick visual of lamb steaks that were cooked sous-vide and seared in cast iron.

lamb chops lab t-bone steaks
Lamb T-Bone Steaks
lamb t-bone chop sear cast iron pan smokey meat
Searing the Lamb T-Bone. Cast Iron and Avocado Oil.
sliced meat sous vide sear cast iron cutting board medium rare
Sliced Lamb T-bone cooked 1 hour at 131°F to a perfect medium rare.

Becoming a better cook is not a tough college course here folks. It’s an extracurricular that everyone should want to sign up for. Whether you’re a single person or the head of a large family, everyone can benefit from improving their kitchen net worth. Becoming better at things such as cooking involves getting some dishes dirty. You need to try things to learn. Sous-vide is a great way to make yourself worth more in the kitchen. From the cooking illiterate to the matriarch of the family who’s cooked family meals for 60 years, sous-vide will improve kitchen performance for anyone willing to give it a try.

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