Pork Loin

Pork Loin


Pork loin isn’t necessarily the toughest opponent in the kitchen. I’ve got no problem admitting that. While sous-vide is a great tool for the more ‘complicated’ dishes and proteins, it also helps you really tee-up the easy shots.

Pork loin is readily available, affordable, easy to work with, and accepting of all sorts of flavor imparting.

The seasonings for this cook are chili and rosemary- chili powder applied as a dry rub with crushed rosemary leaf spread about the loin.

Cook time and temp? I decided on 140 F for 2 hours for a medium loin, re-seasoned and finished on the grill over mesquite chunks for 10 minutes, flipping once.

Season and bag.

I got a little experimental with the bagged loin on top. I butterflied it out and put cream cheese inside then rolled ‘er up.
After 2 hours at 140 F. Onto the charcoal grill.
After 10 min on the coals, then rested for 5 min and sliced up.

Pork loin- always available, always dependable.

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