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the Mayo Sear

the Mayo Sear

#waterbathwednesday I assume by now most sous-vide fans have at least heard of the Mayo sear. I don’t expect that everyone has tried it but most have likely heard of it. The idea is pretty simple- after the waterbath and your food is cooked, lather […]

..So you just got a sous-vide cooker! Now what?!

..So you just got a sous-vide cooker! Now what?!

It’s that time of the year- right at the beginning of a new one, when we start thinking about what improvements we might want to make for ourselves in the year to come. For many folks, it’s to start eating healthier or maybe learn a […]

<b>Vegetables sous-vide!</b>

Vegetables sous-vide!

Vegetable Sous-vide Cook Time/Temp Table Veggies are great for us- they provide fiber, vitamins and minerals, and some have low level of carbohydrate value. Cooking vegetables sous-vide allows us to retain many of their nutritious benefits that can be lost by overcooking or boiling. We […]

<b>Tips and Tricks</b> for Sous-vide Cooking

Tips and Tricks for Sous-vide Cooking

Sous-vide Tips and Tricks A few sous-vide tips and tricks to make cooking food perfectly, even easier. Insulation and Water Loss Ping-pong balls covering the surface of the water bath will help keep heat in the water and lower the rate of evaporative loss of […]

<b>Thermodynamics</b> of Sous-vide; the Science of Sous-vide

Thermodynamics of Sous-vide; the Science of Sous-vide

Sous-vide Science Sous-vide cooking uses a hot water bath set to a precise and consistent temperature to cook food in a bag which has had the air removed from it. You know all that by now, but do you understand how the food actually cooks? […]

Sous Vide and the <b>Keto Diet</b>

Sous Vide and the Keto Diet

Cook right, eat right; a nutritional biology primer Over the past few years, so-called ‘fad diets’ have started to make more sense to follow. As a person, shouldn’t we eat like people? Thats where the ‘fad diet’ term goes out the door. What I’m talking […]

SousVide makes the most of <b>meal prep</b>

SousVide makes the most of meal prep

Meal Prep and Sous-vide My dad likes to plan out and schedule things, it’s one of the life skills I learned from him. I remember during my adolescent years there was a long period of time where each Sunday he would spend a couple of […]

Improve Your <b>Kitchen Net Worth</b>; How Sous-Vide Will Make You A Better Cook

Improve Your Kitchen Net Worth; How Sous-Vide Will Make You A Better Cook

It sure is hard to believe anyone who says they have no interest in becoming a better cook. In fact, more and more younger people are interested in staying home to cook more often, rather than go out to eat all the time. Culinary skills are […]

Getting <b>Searious</b> About Sous-Vide!

Getting Searious About Sous-Vide!

Sous-vide allows for a perfectly cooked protein through-and-through, but alone it’s still missing something- the crust! When meat is the main focus of the meal a proper sear ties a dish together. The flavor, the texture, the look, and contrast – they are all meal […]

<b>First Things First</b>

First Things First

Welcome to SousVide Living, where a few sous-vide aficionados hope to bring information and inspiration to your kitchen. You’re likely here on purpose- because you either enjoy using sous-vide or you want to know more. Maybe someone on FB or Instagram was saying what a wonderful […]