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the Mayo Sear

the Mayo Sear

#waterbathwednesday I assume by now most sous-vide fans have at least heard of the Mayo sear. I don’t expect that everyone has tried it but most have likely heard of it. The idea is pretty simple- after the waterbath and your food is cooked, lather […]

<b>Tips and Tricks</b> for Sous-vide Cooking

Tips and Tricks for Sous-vide Cooking

Sous-vide Tips and Tricks A few sous-vide tips and tricks to make cooking food perfectly, even easier. Insulation and Water Loss Ping-pong balls covering the surface of the water bath will help keep heat in the water and lower the rate of evaporative loss of […]

Chicken, <b><i>sans</i> air</b>

Chicken, sans air

Chicken. A most versatile bird in the hands of all. From the most adept of cooks to the most amateur food preparer, it is a staple in many kitchens. The white meat of the breast runs about 190 calories per quarter pound and is great […]

Getting <b>Searious</b> About Sous-Vide!

Getting Searious About Sous-Vide!

Sous-vide allows for a perfectly cooked protein through-and-through, but alone it’s still missing something- the crust! When meat is the main focus of the meal a proper sear ties a dish together. The flavor, the texture, the look, and contrast – they are all meal […]