Month: September 2018

<b>Vegetables sous-vide!</b>

Vegetables sous-vide!

Vegetable Sous-vide Cook Time/Temp Table Veggies are great for us- they provide fiber, vitamins and minerals, and some have low level of carbohydrate value. Cooking vegetables sous-vide allows us to retain many of their nutritious benefits that can be lost by overcooking or boiling. We […]

<b>Tips and Tricks</b> for Sous-vide Cooking

Tips and Tricks for Sous-vide Cooking

Sous-vide Tips and Tricks A few sous-vide tips and tricks to make cooking food perfectly, even easier. Insulation and Water Loss Ping-pong balls covering the surface of the water bath will help keep heat in the water and lower the rate of evaporative loss of […]

<b>Thermodynamics</b> of Sous-vide; the Science of Sous-vide

Thermodynamics of Sous-vide; the Science of Sous-vide

Sous-vide Science Sous-vide cooking uses a hot water bath set to a precise and consistent temperature to cook food in a bag which has had the air removed from it. You know all that by now, but do you understand how the food actually cooks? […]

<b>Duck, Duck, or Goose</b>: Sous-vide Waterfowl

Duck, Duck, or Goose: Sous-vide Waterfowl

Duck, the other dark meat. Comparable to none and a rarity for most home kitchens, duck is a treat that everyone should be sure to try. Both the eggs and the flesh of a duck can be quite the delicacy when prepared correctly. Unfortunately a […]