Month: August 2018

<b>Sous-vide Scallops</b>

Sous-vide Scallops

Shortly after the first time I cooked sous-vide scallops, a friend asked why I spent five times as long as necessary to cook them. He said “5 minutes in a skillet and I would have the same thing!”. I had to correct him, explaining how […]

<b>Elk Tongue</b> – Long Haul <b>Lengua</b>

Elk Tongue – Long Haul Lengua

Tongue/Lengua I have a deal with my local butcher. He butchers a cow a week and when he isn’t interested in keeping and preparing the beef tongue himself, he gives me a call and I pay low end market costs on it. He makes a […]

<b>Cornish Game Hens</b>, a bird in the hand

Cornish Game Hens, a bird in the hand

Cornish game hens They are in fact not game birds at all, but¬†chickens. Smaller, and quicker to mature for meat production, but really just a broiler chicken. The result of a cross by breeders in Connecticut between ‘Cornish Game’ and ‘Plymouth Rock’ chicken breeds, the […]