Month: June 2018

SousVide makes the most of <b>meal prep</b>

SousVide makes the most of meal prep

Meal Prep and Sous-vide My dad likes to plan out and schedule things, it’s one of the life skills I learned from him. I remember during my adolescent years there was a long period of time where each Sunday he would spend a couple of […]

Improve Your <b>Kitchen Net Worth</b>; How Sous-Vide Will Make You A Better Cook

Improve Your Kitchen Net Worth; How Sous-Vide Will Make You A Better Cook

It sure is hard to believe anyone who says they have no interest in becoming a better cook. In fact, more and more younger people are interested in staying home to cook more often, rather than go out to eat all the time. Culinary skills are […]

Getting <b>Searious</b> About Sous-Vide!

Getting Searious About Sous-Vide!

Sous-vide allows for a perfectly cooked protein through-and-through, but alone it’s still missing something- the crust! When meat is the main focus of the meal a proper sear ties a dish together. The flavor, the texture, the look, and contrast – they are all meal […]

<b>First Things First</b>

First Things First

Welcome to SousVide Living, where a few sous-vide aficionados hope to bring information and inspiration to your kitchen. You’re likely here on purpose- because you either enjoy using sous-vide or you want to know more. Maybe someone on FB or Instagram was saying what a wonderful […]